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In the steady quest to develop the ultimate in Low Smoke Stove, Rob and John used the latest design as their sole source of cooking whilst camping in the village of Paunangisu recently. 2015.11.12 camp stove

There was much interest in the stove from the locals – in particular the way it produced such a lot of (low smoke) heat and energy from just a few small sticks – and so the plan is to build on this with the establishment of the Vanuatu Low Smoke Stove Institute to push the cause further.
The intention being to train and resource enterprising local lads to establish businesses around the making and selling of stoves.
The over-riding driver for the project is the sobering fact that worldwide, more people die from smoke inhalation than malaria. (If you’d like a copy of the research behind this I’d be happy to send it to you.)
Who knows, if things go to plan, one day, along with buying a Christmas present of a “GOAT” in a far-off village, for that friend who has everything, you might also be able to buy a “LOW SMOKE STOVE” to help save lives, plus the environment.

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