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    No matter where you go, or what you see, the great thing to remember is you can RELAX, knowing the best public toilet in all South Pacific is just around the corner...
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    The Best Public Toilet in Vanuatu has officially Opened.   The new toilet block is opened in Paunangisu village, Efate. North Efate is a hidden gem but it’s hoped the toilet...
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    Maybe you will climb into a taxi or minibus in Port Vila and your driver will guide you around. Maybe you are hiring a car so you can drive yourself.  Or, maybe...
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    The “Fresh Water” project in the village of Paunangisu not only involves a 6000 litre plastic tank to catch water off the toilet building, but also the 20,000 litre water tank...
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Welcome to the BEST public toilet in ALL South Pacific.

“It’s the place to GO when you need to GO!”

 Not every toilet has its own website.  But this one is different.

This toilet has a vision.  And with the help of our Australian and New Zealand friends that vision is now becoming real.

Our nambawan (number one) vision is for you to visit us when you next come to our wonderful, friendly country – Vanuatu.

At Paunangisu Village – Efate, Vanuatu (Just one hour’s drive north of Port Vila) we extend the hand – and toilet seat – of friendship to you so you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday.

Here are a few of the things that make this toilet the best:

  1. Located halfway round the island of Efate, just 1 hour north of the capital Port Vila – exactly where it needs to be ! (Refer to map)
  2. Modern, cleaned daily, fully equipped and ready when you are – just like the one you have at home
  3. A choice of 5 – two MEN, two WOMEN and one for the DISABLED
  4. Income earned from the toilet pays for maintenance and materials, plus other village development things, like water storage, education, job training and tourism.
  5. Easy access and parking, just 2 minutes off the main round-island road (follow the signs)


We look forward to you using our public toilet and remember
 it’s the place to GO when you need to GO”

LOCATION – here ‘tis

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, is on the island of Efate – just one of more than 80 islands that make up our country – Vanuatu.

By car, bus or taxi, the village of Paunangisu – where you will find the Best toilet in all South Pacific – is just one hour out of Port Vila, at the north of the island, along a wonderful smooth road.

If you are walking or riding a bike, it will take you much longer than one hour.

But no matter how you arrive, we welcome you and will put lots of signs on the road to help you make the right turn at the village of Paunangisu (Pow-nan-is-oo) – Hard to say, but once you’ve been – unforgettable!


Adults (age 12 and older)

Locals                                                      50 Vatu

Visitors                                                    200 Vatu  (or $AUS 2.50,  $US 2.00)

Groups, 5 or more adults                    100 Vatu  (or $AUS 1.50,  $US 1.00)

Groups, 10 or more adults                  50 Vatu  (or $AUS 1.00,  $US 0.50)

Children                                                  FREE



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All donations are used to maintain the toilet and freshwater project and assist with future village development.  Money is banked into the PVP Bank a/c and managed under the PVP committee; in partnership with the North Ringwood Uniting Church (Melbourne).   Financial statements and bank account entries are checked and reported on a regular basis.

Please contact us if you would like further information

We welcome your generosity and so if you feel able to make a donation then there are two choices:

  • Donation Box When you come to our village place your donation in the secure box provided
  • Bank transfer A bank transfer or deposit can be made at any time to the following account


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